Photo booths and weddings are a perfect match.  They are exploding in popularity throughout the country because they are so much fun, and the resulting pictures can be priceless.

* How does the booth work?

Guests are invited into the automated booth which takes 3 or 4 photos at timed intervals.  Moments later the pictures are printed - one for each guest and one for the memory album - creating a contemporary style guest book.

*Do the photos print on the spot?

Yes, within seconds.  our printers do not use ink, so no smudging or fading.  Only high quality prints that will last for decades.

*Is there a limit to the number of photos that can be taken?

Your guests can take as many photos as they like.  The photo booth is a wonderful opportunity for family  and friends to take a nice or crazy picture together.  There is no photographer in the booth to inhibit the guest's creativity.  The result is fun, entertaining, priceless photos of family and friends!

*Will someone from Flash Foto be at my event?

We will be at your event the entire time.  Our attendants will setup before the event and assist guests with the memory book, props, and photo booth.